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    2002 UK - Jessica Garlick


    por Galiza

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    We've both made the same mistakes
    And believe me I know it
    I've come to depend on you
    In my eyes, can you see
    That someone's still hurting me?
    What can I say
    That will make up
    For letting you down?
    I just want you to know so
    Come back
    If you love me
    How will I survive without you?
    Baby come back
    If you need me
    Baby I was strong
    And I tried to pretend but
    Always in my heart
    I know that I want you
    Come back
    Tomorrow's another day
    Still I can't believe that I told you
    And that was my big mistake
    Every hour, every day
    What can I do to make it through?
    Oh, the days seem so long
    I miss you so bad
    It's breaking my heart, so
    Come back...
    Before you break my heart