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    Engineered Lighting Products

    OFFER DESIGN SUPPORT TO ENSURE PROPER INSTALLATION Since being introduced in 2001, the ELP Lighting VT & VTTB Series have become the largest selling video conferencing luminaire in the world today. They have become the lighting standard for many major corporations and the US military. The luminaires are 50+% efficient and meet the stringent requirements of the California Title 24 energy code. ELP offers design support to insure that installations work properly and people will look their best on camera.

    GREAT TO WORK DIRECT WITH THE FACTORY!! In this case, it was great to work direct with the factory. They were able to answer my very specific, and probably annoying questions. I know that they communicated all of this with you, so you should be up to date. ELP gave me some very good advice that improved the layout...B.D,. Salt Lake City, UT