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    Chinese Toddler Can Recognize Phone Numbers by Sound


    by NTDTelevision

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    And in Shandong province, a remarkable two-year-old amazes family and neighbors with a special gift for numbers—hearing them, that is. Here's more.

    A toddler in China's Shandong Province has a special gift. Two-year-old Sun Haoyang can identify phone numbers just by hearing them dialed.

    This unusual gift was accidentally discovered one day by his parents.

    [Mrs. Ma, Sun Haoyang's Mother]:
    "I was going to the office, and my cell phone was missing. So I called my cell phone using the home phone. Surprisingly, he shouted that it was mommy's phone. Then I tested him by dialing the numbers again, and he shouted them out loud. It was so strange that he could distinguish every digit I had dialed."

    Matching the keypad tones to digits, Haoyang rarely misses a number. To verify Haoyang's ability, a reporter gave him a test.

    [Sun Haoyang]:
    "Five, eight, nine. Six, nine, seven. Seven, two, three. Eight, zero, nine."
    "One, three, six. One, six, three. Two, one."

    His grandfather says Haoyang has shown an interest in music and numbers since he was even younger.