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    Chinese Villagers Suffering Drought Look for Water in Karst Cave


    by NTDTelevision

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    Drought continues to bring suffering to many in China. And it's forced some--like these villagers--to look for water in unusual places.

    Plunged into the darkness of Karst Caves, villagers from Yanbanjing Village are in a desperate bid for survival—not from losing their way in a cave, but from the deadly drought outside.

    Fenghuang County, in China's Hunan Province, where the mostly ethnic Miao village is located, has suffered from over a month of severe drought. According to state-run media, at least 25,000 people have difficulty getting clean water to drink.

    The village only has one well. Normally it can supply water for more than 800 people, but like the land, it has become bone dry.

    And so the director of the village committee, Wu Shanghong leads the villagers three kilometers away to the Karst Cave. And then one kilometer down.

    [Wu Fenglian, Villager]:
    "The water here comes from above drop by drop, which forms this pool here. It's very clean, good-quality water, but it's difficult to carry out."

    But even this last ditch bid for salvation will be short lived, unless more rainfall comes.

    [Wu Shanghong, Director of Village Committee]:
    "The water in this cave can last for more than one month. But if no rain comes, the water will be exhausted."

    Drought has plagued much of China in recent months. And there are no signs of when the next rainfall will come.