Israeli Ad Takes Asia by Storm

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An ad put together by an Israeli advertising agency has caught the attention of Asian viewers -- by the millions. With its quirky take on Asian dictators and its message of change, the ad has become massively popular in Asia. Our team in Tel Aviv brings us the story.

An Israeli soft drink commercial that spoofs military dictatorships is making waves in Asia.

The creators of this ad estimate it's been watched by millions on the web -- most of them in China.
And viewers are eager to weigh in. Here are some of their comments.

1. This commercial made me laugh so hard...
2. This is the most original and creative commercial that I have ever seen!
3. This must be a [South] Korean commercial. The Koreans dare to film something like this and laugh at their own people in the north...
4. Very creative! We wouldn't dare...

Rani Carmeli, an independent Israeli director, worked on the ad. He says it's had a big response in China because it touches people's sentiments about regional dictatorships.

[Rani Carmeli, Sprite Ad, Director]:

"I think the reason it's working that strong is because it touches the nerve of a lot of people that want humor in the situation. They see every day the news in all the world, with strong dictatorships and they had enough. People want to enjoy life they don't want anybody to tell them what to do."

At first the ad targeted the Israeli market. But after hitting the Internet it took off and went viral.
Itay Boneh and the team at the Geller Nessis Publicis advertising agency worked on the idea for months. They wanted to craft an ad with universal appeal.