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    Designer Aina Gasse Opens a Fashion House in Kyiv, Ukraine


    by NTDTelevision

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    Ukranian clothing designer Aina Gasse is considered one of Ukraine's best. After successful shows in Milan, Rome and Paris, she's now offering her looks to the population at large. Let's take a look.

    A new fashion house is up and running in Kyiv, showcasing the fashions of designer Aina Gasse. Before this store was up and running, attire made by the popular designer was not easily accessible to the public.

    [Marina Panchenko, Fashion House Co-owner]:
    "I could not get to Aina to sew a dress. And when I got to her, I said: here are the other people who have a hard time to get to you. You cannot sew round all of them. Let's create a commercial collection for our entire nation."

    There's everything here from casual to business and eveningwear.

    [Aina Gasse, Designer]:
    "There will be fitting in a classical style, a VIP fitting room and common room in this house. There will be show rooms, two floors of manufactories. Second floor - it's individual sewing, third floor - the mass sewing."

    The first client in the fashion house was Anna Andreeva. She says she was subdued by the styles of the designer.

    [Anna Andreeva, Aina Gasse's Client]:
    "It is romantic and at the same time business. There is an individuality."

    At the opening of the fashion house, Aina Gasse presented her summer mini-collection.

    [Alexei Nagaychenko, Customer]:
    "I liked the feminine line of models, natural, practical, chic, elegance."

    [Galina, Customer]:
    "Femininity, air. There were few of a retro style. Much chiffon, embroidery and lace. What is now fashionable and looks nice on any girl."

    Aina Gasse's clients are famous and influential women. But now the clothes under the label "Gasse" will be available for the average consumer. The designer has already patented a second line.

    NTD News, Kyiv, Ukraine.