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    My Dream: Jesus Appeared to Me


    by karensera


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    Angel Roxx
    I just want to thank you so much for this amazing video of your amazing dream. It moved me to tears as I had a dream of Jesus a few weeks ago and he was standing slightly above me with a sign and it had 2 numbers on it that I could see. There was a gold cloth covering the first number and he said to you have faith in me? I said...yes...and then he asked me you really have faith in me and I looked at him and said...yes father, I do have faith in you...then he reveled the 1st number to me and 10 days later that same combination came out in the pick 3 lotto where I live....that was a confirmation to me that he can do anything. I know that he came to me for a reason and I know now that everything I want is mine and my prayers are answered and he will never let me fall...the same way he never let you fall....I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this video as It truly moved me and we are both so very blessed to have such an amazing father.....:) xo
    By Angel Roxx2 years ago