Prehistory Today (Ep. #2 Prehistoric Park 1 of 2)

Michael King

by Michael King

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Prehistoric Park is a six-episode docu-fiction television mini-seriesThe program was produced by Impossible Pictures Limited, who also created Walking with Dinosaurs. Each episode is an hour long including commercial breaks.
The program is narrated by David Jason and presented by Nigel Marven. The fictional component is the theme that Nigel goes back to various geological time periods through a time portal, and brings back live specimens of extinct animals back to the present day, where they are exhibited in a wildlife park named Prehistoric Park, which is a big area between high steep mountains and ocean (which serve to help confine any escapes) with varied environments.
On the DVD of the series, the introduction says that "the events in these 6 episodes are largely to find the possibility of keeping animals from old geological periods alive in the modern world and later they may get breeding populations of more species".


I finally found the HD movie >>>


Great movie

By Clubrocker5 September
09:24 The second mammoth didn't fall into an ice pond, it was killed by humans.
The last mammoths are the ones who need rescuing.
By Hamza Ahmad Shaikh Last year