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    Vietnam Says China Interfered With Survey Ship


    by NTDTelevision

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    Tensions are high between Vietnam and China. On Sunday, China's navy cut off cables from a Vietnamese survey ship in the South China Sea. Chinese authorities said the ship had trespassed into Chinese waters.

    Vietnam, in a rare move, held a weekend meeting, rejecting China's claims, and accusing China of interfering in their affairs.

    [Nguyen Phuong Nga, Vietnam Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman]:
    "The Vietnamese navy will do everything necessary to firmly protect peace and the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Vietnam."

    China's Foreign Ministry responded on Tuesday that the Chinese boat's actions were justified.

    [Jiang Yu, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson]:
    "The Chinese naval vessel taking legal action against Vietnamese boat that was operating illegally can be completely justified."

    The Vietnamese ship was conducting a seismic survey at the time, when their cables were cut by one of three Chinese patrol vessels present.

    While maritime conflicts are nothing new in the South China Sea—which is claimed by a total of six countries—tensions are growing with the Chinese regime's increasing assertiveness.

    This latest quarrel comes just days before a regional meeting of Asia Pacific defense ministers.