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    軍歌:荒鷲の歌 (Song of the Fierce Eagles)


    by gurufabbes

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    Here's another example of Japanese 'gunka' (military music). This one, composed in July 1938, was to the Japanese air force. The 'fierce eagles' are to dominate the sky and represent the power of the Japanese Empire. It was predictably very popular back then.
    The translation isn't by me this time, I managed to find it already done anonymously on the web.
    Also, some of the footage is put in with a taste of irony, given that the 'fierce eagles' often hit more than just military targets, especially in China.

    Assembled as an historical document.

    Added info:
    Words by Azuma Shinzô; melody and arrangement by Fukami Zenji
    Sung by Funaki Kazuo (舟木一夫)

    P.S: "Bun bun arawashi bun to tobu zo!" (less)