Stormageddon - 2011 (Documentary)


by 1BadboyMMA

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Historic snows and bitter cold across North America. Massive floods in Australia and Pakistan. Deadly mudslides in Brazil. Epic drought and wildfires in Russia. 2010 was one of the most destructive years in history. Now, Explorer presents the dramatic images of this catastrophic weather year — and introduces the people who risked their lives to capture them on film.


After you watch this video I want you to post you to tell me that climate change is not real. More than 300 tornadoes ripped through the mid west is less than a 24 hour period. An area of the central United States the size of Texas is under several feet of water. Billions and billions in losses. This does not include the human toll. This is what happens when government is run by lobbies. This is what happens when governments abdicate their responsibility to the people of this country. Our politicians are nothing more than two bit thugs in suits masquerading as honest people. You can claim what you want trying to defend these cold blooded killers. It is not going to change the fact that the climate is warming. It is not going to change the fact that more extreme weather will hit us around the world. The fact that these immoral baby killing thugs are pumping billions of tons of toxic sludge into the air and water. We are in a lot of trouble.
By RoyWest 4 years ago
The fact that big oil paid Lee Raymond CEO of Exxon more than a half a billion dollars on his retirement speaks volumes. I know of no man which could ever spend that kind of money in a life time. It has to be a fungus growing in big oil's and coal brains. They through perverting democracy to mocking God have virtually guaranteeing the fall of mankind. I do not fault the averge guy on the street. He is too busy trying to make ends meet to take care of his family all the while these thugs in suits are killing the planet and destroying the US economy. Just about everything that has been bad or evil in the past 100 years is related to black death-oil and coal. For the many good things that it has brought us, it has brought us more bad things. I am hoping that they will come in and shoot me. I fear the world in the future and frankly I do not want to see the suffering as it will happen then. We are a tough resilent people. Some will survive but the vast majority are ill equipped.
By RoyWest 4 years ago
I kid you not we are in for a proverbial sh_t storm. We have seen only the tip of the iceberg. It is going to get worse a lot worse. We are talking about basic survival. At this point millions are ill prepared for the coming man made disasters. You knew we were in trouble when the top terrorist in the world warned the western countries about climate change. Osumaa was afraid of climate change. Wow! He was right in that regard. He could not come close to the immense damage that planet earth will deal to us in the near future. The problem is there is no one to send an SOS message to....We are it and the big oil and coal companies will preside over the immense lose of life. They can not and will never agree to quit destroying planet earth. These men have percolated up from the bowels of hell. There is no way out of this now. I think as others that we have already passed the tipping point and in a perfect world big oil would recognize this and do everything possible to end our addiction.
By RoyWest 4 years ago
Jim Imhuff, jim Mulva and Rex Tillerson should be forced to go and look into the eyes of people who have lost friends, parents, brothers, sisters and children in this incredible weather. They done everything possible to derail any meaningful legislation to stop the unrelenting extreeme weather. The planet is going into convulsions and all these thugs can think of is their bonus for the year. They think for some strange reason that they are immune from realities of climate change. Interrestingly enough, there is not one single CEO of a big oil company that does not belive climate change is disrupting the earth weather patterns with implications far beyond our life times. They understand this is not sustainable so from a logic perspective they can delay the invevitable or they can begin to make those changes before draconian measures are inacted to save the planet from complete meltdown.
Until the nexus between government and big oil and coal is broken nothing will change.
By RoyWest 4 years ago
Everything the real scientist have predicted has come true. This is the beginning of the end for humanity. The single biggest issue is food and water. We take it for granted at this point. One can clearly see now with food crops being wiped out around the world that we are headed for a show down. Millions of people will die and those countries who refuse to stand still and watch as its citizens starve to death will elect to declare war on a neighboring country. It is a scary scenario that really did not have to take place.
By RoyWest 4 years ago