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    Karzai Issues 'Last Warning' Against NATO Airstrikes


    by NewsyVideos



    Frank blackcrow
    Karzai speaking to his domestic audience is him talking to his people.

    Not some interlopers in a back packing hostel, which is what the American press seem to be portraying, which can be blatantly plain to seen from excerpts from this video that show American news "shows" giving a platform to play down that peoples lives in Afghanistan and Pakistan are of any importance when it comes to chasing ghosts under beds and firing rockets at those beds that have sleeping children in them.

    The American importance of whats being done should be done on their own soil, make it so all their own streets have soldiers on them and they should be thinking that those same Taliban could be under those beds in their own home towns which is just as possible as under the Afghan and Pakistan beds of sleeping children, as to American children sleeping, this would be a hard fact not to see from any ones perspective if those that think that about these other country's.

    It's a lie that they follow to make people believe them, they believe the lie more and that makes the lie credible to them, so to then the lie is the truth and they believe the lie as being the truth so that you should believe it as well
    By Frank blackcrow2 years ago
    Frank blackcrow
    O.M.G are these Americans saying that they don't really care what a head of another country is saying to them, and that they will continue to kill the Afghan people, because they "think" they could be used by the Taliban, with no evidence.

    These soldiers are the new Nazi's of the 1000 year Reich rule, this is the Eagle of Rome that the Nazi's follow, that the American also have as a symbol of that representation, it is the eagle and not the swastika that is the symbol of unity for the Nazi's, do not follow them, all they want is the riches of these country's like the Nazi's did with their march on Poland. it is a mirror example of what should happen to these invaders, in that all people of the world should say "no this is wrong".

    2014, will end occupation, will this be another lie, like the end of Guantanamo that Obama said would happen, that never did so why take the words of any American for face value of just words and call them as they should be as liars killers and thieves.
    By Frank blackcrow2 years ago