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    NWA Chiropractic Rogers Arkansas Reviews


    by NWAChiropractic

    I AM PLEASED WITH THE CARE THEY GIVE ME!!! Before Starting NWA Chiropractic Care......... I was having problems with my hip going out that was causing me much concern I was unaware how bad my neck was until Dr. Bland took the x-rays. After Beginning NWA Chiropractic Care......... My hip has not gone out anymore since my adjustments- Dr.Bland is very easy to talk with and his staff is very helpful. I am pleased with the care and concern they give me. I would and have recommended them to others. All reviews are Dr Philip Bland approved.

    I HAVE LOOSENED UP & STIFFNESS IS MOSTLY GONE!!! Before starting NWA Chiropractic Care...... I was stiff all the time. After beginning Chiropractic Care at NWA Chiropractic........ I have loosened up quite a bit and the stiffness is mostly gone. David R. All reviews are Dr Philip Bland approved.