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    Camera Obscura 52min ENG part1


    par Cristine

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    In Istanbul, a group of young cinema enthusiasts asked us to use this object to direct short films.
    They convinced us in spite of their condition : they are blind… Camera Obscura, or the stories of those who see life through their emotions.

    Camera Obscura is a documentary about blind people directing films. The directors deeply believe in director Walter Salles’quote that,  ‘the best documentaries are the ones that lead towards fiction, and the best fictions are the ones that lead to documentary’.
    While making Camera Obscura, they were therefore convinced that fictions provide great documentary material about their authors – and in this case, the authors were the blind people they were making the film about.

    As a consequence, it was totally natural for the directors, Zencirci and Giovanetti, to gather in this film their story and their stories, their path and their purpose, their documentary and their fiction.