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Λέανδρος Αμπατζόπουλος
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Leandros Abatzopoulos

Have you ever imagined having a personal DVD all your beloved moments after a weekend or your holiday at sea with your private or rented boat?

With children or family, friends or guests, current or future investors or funders?

I’m sure you have a CD collection at home, just as you have a photo or slides album. It is possible that you also have DVD collection with your favorite movies or concerts. So why not have on DVD a collection of your sea excursions; where the star is you, your friends, your family, the boat, its living room, genoa, sheets, spinnakers, compass and chart room, sun deck, diving, beaches, nights under the moon and waves…

All this can become true for you by simply contacting me and setting up an appointment for further details.


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