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    corrective jaw surgery, cosmetic surgery

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    Orthognathic surgery is of major importance for the Aesthetic Axis® of the nose, jaw and chin. It is often combined with corrective nose and chin surgery.

    This is why corrective jaw surgery should be performed by an experienced specialist only.
    The method which is applied when performing the surgery is called the "Würzburg Concept". There are some special features which are unique to this method.
    • The surgery is performed in combination with orthodontic treatment.
    • The temporomandibular joints are precisely positioned during surgery. Consequently, statistics prove better results after this surgical procedure.
    • Mouth opening is possible after surgery as there is no wiring of the jaws.

    These procedures cover corrective surgery on virtually any misalignment of the jaw.

    We decide exactly which procedure to take in consultation with you and with your orthodontist and discuss your treatment options at length.