To Live a Balanced Life in this World and Heaven - P2/3

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  • Add to – To Live a Balanced Life in this World and Heaven - P2/3 May 22,1993 Tokyo, Japan (In Japanese). Episode: 1661, Air Date: 2 April 2011. Script
Actually,Heaven is within ourselves; all,the most intelligent source,are within ourselves. If only we take time to turn inward daily sometimes,then we will find this highest quality,and then our life will become truly happy,because we can solve many problems in a better way,and we don't have to work so hard but we achieve the higher result or the best result,because we make use of our wisdom which is already within ourselves.

Why do,sometimes,we find ourselves wanting this thing or wanting that thing?It is because deep within the recess of ourselves we have all these already planned to us. But why sometimes we are not successful with our wish?Because we don't reach deep enough in this treasure to find what we want and what is our right to have.

Therefore,even though our subconscio