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    Tune in and Make Use of the God Within - P1/2


    by smtvuploads

    18 views – Tune in and Make Use of the God Within - P1/2 February 27, 1992 Malaysia (In Malay) Episode: 1657, Air Date: 29 March 2011. Script
    @@@ I think it is not the personality of the Master or the appearance of a Master that attracts you to the path. It is the inside calling, because after initiation it is your Self that wakes up.

    There's no method actually; it is the inner transmission. Yes, it's the inner awakening of your own Selves. And should you not sincerely want it, then it won't happen. Even though you sit here with me and you listen to everything, but you might not have the experiences that you should have if you are sincere.

    Understand? And also, because the Master inside knows what we want. It's not that we can cheat people. If we come in with just curiosity, then we don't have the desired effect; it's not that good, and we don't feel that much.

    Understand? We might feel nothing. It is because we don't want it. And God's power is no