madonna nude interview

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A nude interview with Madonna as she talks about herself, her interests and why she likes being nude. For more photos and video of Madonna, please visit


Definetly my favourite, she is gorgeous
By OneBanana1300 May
It is sexy that she moves her chubby body so much that everything is shaking on her body while she is talking, because she is so restless. She seems very nervous and shy and yet she is not afraid to go naked. It is also exciting that on 0:18 she is so nervous that she accidentally spread her legs and show her shaved pussy to the world! And her restlessness make her caress her curvy body and smash her fat thighs without even being aware of it, it seems.
By dankaber 2 years ago
She is beautiful and very delightful but you can tell she is nervous by how fiddgety she is. But she is beautiful natural and extremely sexy! well she's naked, what's not sexy about that!! And I'm soooo glad to hear she breast feeds in public! Not from a pervy point of view, but from a practical point of view. It's what the damned things are designed for, the sexual part is totally secondary!! You don't see a cow getting prudish about feeding its young in public so why should a human female!!
By Adam BoothSanta-cruz 2 years ago
Delighful sexy lady, really hot stuff.
Love her beautiful bare bouncy titties and awesome shaven pussy.
By barelyhanging 2 years ago
please dress up.
By skaedis 3 years ago