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    Invasion of the CroMagnon Giants to North America

    Fritz Zimmerman

    by Fritz Zimmerman

    Giant human skeletons bearing Upper Paleolithic archaic traits of a sloping forehead, protruding brow ridge and massive jaws are found within the skeletal remains of the Maritime Archaic in the Boreal and Atlantic periods from 6,800 B.C.-2,250 B.C.
    Giant human skeletal remains bearing these archaic features are shown the extent of the Eurasian continent to the northern Japanese Islands and Aleutians. Historical evidence of giant skeletons, with archaic features and double rows of teeth are presented along the Pacific seaboard of California and Oregon. On the Atlantic are also giant skeletons from New York city, to Florida; some of which also have a double row of teeth. More giant human skeletons are shown near the Gulf of Mexico.
    Video is from exerts of "The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angles in the Ohio Valley"