I'm not doin' it, I'm not doin' it, I'm not doin' it


by james32_

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John James has decided he's going to quit the Miss Haversham task. He's tried to convince Rachel to quit the task too, but she's just not interested, and he knows if he quits the task, she fails the task too, so he's feels guilty and goes between leaving and staying. From day 57.


He's a gentlman really cant leave Rachel alone by herself. He's so sweet. If only rachel doesnt talk too much maybe he didnt mind staying.. thnx james xxx
By 24mahal 4 years ago
I loved Rachels optimism but boy could she talk. Even when she was in the room alone she continued talking. I completely agree with John, it would have driven me mad to be locked in a room with her for 24 hours. She was a good housemate though and there were a few of the others I would have liked to see go before her.
By LynDee 4 years ago