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    Pandora for Fashion: Google's Curates Style



    Pandora for Fashion: Google's Curates Style
    L2 - 44 West 4th Street
    Module 2: Emerging Digital Platforms (continued)

    RICH TONG | Fashion Director, Tumblr
    "Brands As Media Companies: Tumblr & the Branded Content Ecosystem"

    GAURAV SURI | Emerging Platforms, (Google)
    "Personalization: The Google View"

    CHRISTOPHER DIXON | CEO & Founder, Hunch Inc."Hunch & the Taste Graph"

    MAUREEN MULLEN | Lead Researcher, L2"Platforms & Prestige"

    This intensive half-day clinic allows managers and senior marketers to become conversant in the most important new media platforms other than Facebook and understand implications for their brands.

    About this Event

    Facebook's power as a brand marketing tool is firmly and unquestionably established. But the social media landscape is full of new and emerging platforms that present brands with unique, targeted, and uncluttered ways to engage consumers.

    These platforms range from the bold experiments of incumbent players (Facebook Places,, Twitter, Youtube etc.) to emerging players that have gained traction over the last 12 months (Foursqaure, Tumblr) to very nascent players with small but passionate user bases (Pinterest, Get Glue, Layar).

    The challenge for brands is sorting through the crowd to find the platforms most likely to generate momentum and return on investment.

    In this intensive, half-day clinic, our faculty will uncover the most important new social media platforms and help managers and senior marketers determine:

    * Which ones are appropriate for their brands
    * How to use these platforms in innovative ways
    * Appropriate levels of investment
    * Strategies for working with these young, evolving companies