Chicago To Open Out-of-This-World Planetarium

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Next we go to the U.S., where Chicago's Adler Planetarium is about to open what it says is an immersive space experience like no other in the world. Called Deep Space Adventure, it will take passengers aboard a futuristic starship for a virtual tour of the Universe. Let's take a look.

The Adler Planetarium has recreated the entire universe inside a dome the size of a small movie theatre.

Located in downtown Chicago, the planetarium will soon unveil the most technologically advanced space show ever designed.

[Paul Knappenberger, President, Adler Planetarium]:
"It's going to be really exciting. For the first time people will feel that they are flying through space. They will be on an observation deck of an imaginary starship flying through the universe and witnessing, up close and personal, the collision and the merging of two galaxies or the explosion of a star as it goes supernova or they will see the black hole in the center of our galaxy consuming a nearby star."

Paul Knappenberger, the president of the Adler, says visitors will feel as though they are "suspended in space" as they travel from galaxy to galaxy.

[Paul Knappenberger, President, Adler Planetarium]:
"The dome is more than 180 degrees and it surrounds you. Because the technology that is in there produces images on the dome that are the highest resolution ever produced, 8k by 8k, which is a better image than your eye can actually resolve, so you will have the sensation that this a real, that you are in real space."

The planetarium can project images, like those captured by the hubble telescope, with more than 5 times the clarity of an average movie theatre. The system uses 83 computers and 20 digital projectors all working simultaneously to produce each frame of video.