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    North Korean Regime Denounced by the U.S. and South Korea


    by NTDTelevision

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    Top U.S. and South Korean officials have tough words for North Korea's communist regime. At separate events in Seoul, they said that they're ready to handle any threat from the North.

    The Commander of U.S. Forces Korea and the South Korean unification minister say the South is ready to deter any aggression from North Korea.

    Tensions on the Korean peninsula have remained strained after a series of North Korean attacks against the South.

    General Walter Sharp spoke at a Memorial Day ceremony in Seoul, and addressed the threat from North Korea.

    [General Walter Sharp, Commander of U.S. Forces Korea]:
    "The threat from North Korea remains. The Kim regime continues to provoke this peaceful nation and in an attempt to force concessions. They attack their neighbors; they continue to develop ballistic missile technology."

    General Sharp says both the U.S. and South Korea are ready for whatever the communist North may have in store.

    [General Walter Sharp, Commander of U.S. Forces Korea]:
    "For these reasons, the Republic of Korea - U.S. alliance remains ready to deter and to defeat any North Korean aggression and if deterrence fails, we will fight and win. We continue to call on North Korea to change its ways and to join the international community as a responsible nation."

    South Korea's unification minister also denounced the reclusive country at a human rights forum in Seoul.

    [Hyun In-taek, South Korean Unification Minister]:
    "Their (North Korean regime's) love can be found in the nuclear weapons. Their love or the people's happiness can be found in the regime's lockout and isolation."