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    Unrest in Inner Mongolia After Herder's Death


    by NTDTelevision

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    Unrest has broken out in China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. That comes after an ethnic Mongolian herder was run over by a Chinese coal truck earlier this month. Herders have said that the coal trucks are destroying their grasslands, and threatening their way of life. Protests began earlier this week, and continued through Thursday, with thousands taking to the streets.

    More than a thousand students protested in northern China's Inner Mongolia on Tuesday in front of the local government building. The unrest was sparked by the death of a herder on May 10.

    The growing coal mining industry has been displacing Mongol herders, destroying grazing lands and killing livestock.

    Local residents in the Xilingol area have been complaining about coal trucks driving around the plains and destroying the land. While more than a dozen herders tried to stop mining trucks from entering their land, one of the herders was run over by a truck and died.

    The herder's death sparked outcry. Since Sunday night, locals have joined in large street protests. On Monday, authorities dispatched riot police to face off against hundreds demonstrating at the local government building.

    The protests continued on Tuesday with more than 1000 Mongol students taking to the streets. These photos provided by protestors show the group reaching Xilinhot City building, calling on authorities to respect the rights of herders.

    More protests are expected next week. Bloggers have been circulating online calls for a large-scale protest in the regional capital Hohhot next Monday.