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    Syrians Breach Israeli Border


    by NTDTelevision

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    About a week-and-a-half ago thousands of Syrian citizens, in a politically initiated event, breached the border between Syria and Israel, demanding to return to their homeland. Now, several days later, there is a tense quiet in the area. Our correspondent brings us the story from the border.

    Several days ago thousands of inflamed Syrians reached the border passage between Syria and Israel.

    Their purpose was to take action on Nakba Day, a day commemorating the flight and evacuation of Arabs upon the declaration of the foundation of the State of Israel in 1948.

    This incident broke the quiet that prevailed here for many years.

    The aggressiveness of the Syrians who destroyed tens of meters of the border fence stunned the local residents.

    [Ata Farhat, Journalist]:
    "No one has expected any of this. Nobody has imagined that someone would dare cross the mined area and endanger themselves in order to reach Mdjdal Shams and say "I want to be in Mdjdal Shams and touch the conquered land."

    Despite the thousands of Syrians who stormed the border fence, casualties were scarce.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the media.

    [Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister]:
    "I've instructed the army to behave with maximum restraint but to block any attempt to breach our borders. We hope that calm and quiet will quickly return, but let nobody be misled, we are determined to defend our borders and sovereignty."

    The atmosphere within the once Syrian village itself is very tense due to differences between the inhabitants supporting the Syrian regime and those demanding freedom in Syria.

    [She Faa Abu Jabal resident]:
    "When it cames to the community in the Golan Heights, we have two different, main opinions, and this brings us to situations of huge disagreement inside the community."