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    E.T. Parody - "Illegal Immigrant" (Katy Perry/Kanye Parody)


    by MacaroniMan17

    HEY, HEY YOU , YOU SHOULD READ THIS DESCRIPTION Please (lyrics displayed too)
    First of all I don't have anything against Mexicans or even illegal immigrants, especially children of aliens who it's not even their fault. This is a PARODY, a non-serious way of poking fun at one of America's issues. If you find offense in this video and have to say something, please post a comment or send a message if it's too bad D: but don't go straight to flagging. Because that means the video will be removed AND I get a bad reputation for 6 mo. Almost got removed once already on YouTube. You may hate me for this video or you may love it, but before you post racist comments about illegal immigrants, please educate yourself with the facts. Sometimes they feel as if they'll die if they stay in Mexico, and moving to the US is their last resort for a chance at survival. Have empathy. Ok now that I've killed the mood, enjoy the video :D

    Watch on YouTube please: