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A Thousand Years Slavery - Epicurean

il y a 7 ans448 views

First videoclip of the band A Thousand Years Slavery from Switzerland. Song named Epicurean and appears on the debut album A Fury Named Spartan !

Shooted between winter 2009 and spring 2011 in several locations, in Switzerland and Italy.


Produced by : www.lelixir.ch
Directed by : A Thousand Years Slavery & Martin Ureta
Intro Theme : Conatus Studio
Color Edit and After Effects : Javier Cabrera
Visual FX : Ruben Mayor

Cast :

Michael Ciuffani
Gregory Ferrario
Inès Moret
Céline Blanc
Yasmine Bianchi
Flavia Bicciato

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A Thousand Years Slavery - Epicurean
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