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    12-Year-Old World Chess Champion Eyes New Challenges


    by NTDTelevision

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    12-year-old Yulia Osmak from Kyiv recently won the title of "Most Intelligent" in the annual all-Ukrainian "Miracle Child" Awards. Last year she won the title of World Chess Champion in her age category. Our correspondents from Kyiv met this unusual girl.

    There's just no stopping 12-year-old Ukrainian Yulia Osmak. Last year she clinched top spot in the World Chess Championship and she recently came in first at the Ukrainian Miracle Child Awards.

    [Yulia Osmak, World Chess Champion]:
    "At first I cried because it was hard to realize that I am a world champion, and I thought that if I became a champion, everybody would stop making friends and socializing with me - but they didn't, and interaction got even better. I am very happy because of that."

    Yulia says her greatest challenge is to beat the Indians and Russians in the game.

    Last year at the European Chess Championship she came in second after her rival from Russia.

    [Yulia Osmak, World Chess Champion]:
    "Russians play very quietly and never walk into a risky situation or "continuation" in chess terms. This could be considered a kind of weakness. They don't do well when in a dynamic position in which they can be beaten."

    Yulia's trainer says an active game is to his student's advantage.

    [Leonid Borodin, Chess Trainer]:
    "She has a very unique style, a dynamic style. Maybe she plays a little worse in a closed position. But if she arranges her pieces well and the battle begins, there is no need to worry."

    Support from her relatives and her desire to be first is Yulia's main incentive to win.

    [Yulia Osmak, World Chess Champion]:
    "I am very excited to win, if someone plays better than me, especially girls. Boys are ok. But the girls - this should not be allowed! I should be better than all the girls around."