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    John Williams Music Masterpiece


    by James

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    This video looks at the best soundtracks John Williams wrote for films. Including excerpts from Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan, Star Wars and many others. Please rate and comment! Enjoy!

    John Williams Epic Masterpiece Music

    Star Wars Main Theme - 0:01 - 1:00
    Indiana Jones Theme Song - 1:01 - 3:06
    Jurassic Park Them Song - 3:07 - 5:34
    Star wars - Duel of Fates - 5:35 - 6:50
    Saving Private Ryan Soundtrack - Omaha Beach 6:50 - 8:36

    More Songs by John Williams will appear in Part 2
    Part Two Will be released based on commentary, rating , and subscription

    I claim this video as advertising, not copyright infringement, given the short length of the previews of the pieces.