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    Temple Security Tightened Amid Terror Threat in Western India


    by NTDTelevision

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    Security has been increased in and around the renowned Somnath temple amid fears of a militant attack. State and marine police have been deployed to make sure all the visitors there have a safe trip.

    The government of India's western Gujarat is increasing security at the ancient Somnath Temple on the shore of the Arabian Sea.

    Intelligence Agencies say the temple may face a militant attack.

    State and marine police have been deployed at the temple and its surroundings.

    [Chudasma, Police Officer]:
    "We cover the entire sea from the western to the southern coast. I'm also in charge of the marine police guarding the back of the coast. We are very alert and I can say that no one can enter from this side."

    Security cameras at the temple constantly monitor visitors.

    The inspector general of Gujarat Police says security has been tightened at prominent places.

    [Pravin Sinha, Inspector General, Gujarat Police]:
    "The Gujarat government has decided to establish a surveillance system at the bus terminal, railway station and the Madhupur junction."

    The Somnath Temple is a famous Indian temple dedicated to a Hindu deity.