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    Boats Stranded in Drought-ridden Canals in China


    by NTDTelevision

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    Drought in central and eastern China has stranded over 1,300 boats on the Grand Canal. It's also causing a shortage of drinking water for people and livestock.

    The ongoing drought in China has left over 1,300 boats stranded in the Grand Canal of China's Shandong Province.
    Reports on Tuesday say local authorities are cloud seeding in an attempt to force rainfall.

    The lowest rainfall since 1961 has plagued central and eastern China for months, drying up many rivers and hindering traffic on the canals.

    Due to low water levels, canal and cargo boats are seen at their moorings in the Zaozhuang section of the Grand Canal, which links Beijing to Hangzhou.

    [Unidentified Cargo Boat Owner]:
    "We have been stranded here for six days. Our boat is carrying sand."

    As water levels dropped, only 300 boats a day are allowed to pass through the Zaozhuang canal section.
    Vessels weighing more than 1,500 tons have been turned away.

    A survey by the Hubei Agricultural Department shows the five-month drought has left over 300,000 people and nearly 100,000 head of livestock in the province short of drinking water.