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    Pieces // Jacob/Bella/Edward

    Stephanie Weaver

    by Stephanie Weaver

    *When you take the time of watching this video, please take the time to rate or comment it. won't take you more than 1 minute. Give every vidder the honor of feedback.*

    This is my first movie fandom, & Also my first Twilight/New Moon Video. I think it's crappy, but mostly it was an experiment to test out "motion blur" & "velocity" effects, & Really sorry for some of the bad quality. Also i know this is such an overused song, but I really wanted to use it with a Twilight/New moon video. I wanted this video to show both Jacob/Bella & Edward/Bella's Relationship especially during New Moon, cause it's so heartbreaking. Please do NOT bash either couple, it's rude! So please watch, comment & rate. It would mean the world to me.