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    James Brown and his God Son Michael-Medium

    Jon Hammond

    by Jon Hammond

    James Brown the Godfather of Soul with his actual God Son Michael Falkenstein.
    The incredible story of the bond between them, the story can only be told in words by Michael, but a picture tells a thousand words, and here we have 44 images from behind the scenes with this outstanding and soulful young organist who was befriended by the late great James Brown over a period 20 years until Mr. Brown's untimely death. James Brown and his personal entourage made a special journey to Michael's family house in the tiny village of Setzingen 'kleines dorf' nearby Ulm Germany, in the middle of night in 2 white limousines so that Mr. Brown could meet Michael's mother, father and his sister Martina. Here you will see the photos that have never before been shown as James Brown has cake with the family and enjoys immensely playing soul music together with Michael in their house and Hammond Organ Studio Germany, which is one of the greatest Hammond organ museums in all of the world, built by Michael's father Professor Klaus Maier and Michael together as a tribute to Laurens Hammond founder of Hammond Instrument Company and clocks of Chicago ILL
    The story will be forthcoming as soon as Michael can bring himself to write it as he is still mourning the loss of his Godfather James Brown R.I.P. enjoy these never-before-seen photos and original music recording of Michael "Time With You" as heard on Jon Hammond's HammondCast Show KYOU Radio
    Official Michael Falkenstein Hammond Organ Germany:
    Sincerely, Jon Hammond

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