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    Girl You're Amazing // Happy 22nd Birthday Nina Dobrev

    Stephanie Weaver

    by Stephanie Weaver

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    Here's my gift to Nina Dobrev on her 22nd Birthday. We love you here in Canada. You are honestly one of my favorite actresses of all time. The way you play both Elena Gilbert/Katherine on Vampire Diaries is amazing, I honestly sometimes forget that it's really you playing 2 people. That's how good you are. You are also my role model, even though you're only a few months older than me. You make me a proud Canadian. We love you here in Canada. I really hope that I'm lucky enough to get the chance to meet you in real life.

    Sorry for some of the bad qaulity clips. Anyone who has ever tried to vid with interview clips & not HQ pictures will know it's not the vidders fault.

    If you guys could do me a favor & tweet this video to @NinaDobrev. I want her to watch this.