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    Organic Lubricant


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    by EcoBold

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    What? Aloe Vera lube? Yes ladies, you heard it, and not only is this personal lubricant made of natural ingredients, it also has 95% organic aloe vera. Did you know that standard lubricants can have petroleum in them? Some even have chemicals that you can find in your oven cleaner and antifreeze! You must be thinking "Darn, not only do I have to worry if my legs are in the best position to make babies, I know have to worry about my lubricant?" Well, yes and no, now you know better and you can get this natural lube at a discount.

    Aloe Cadabra claims to be the "First and only plant-based intimate moisturizer" which is a really neat accomplishment. The sweet spot is that it's made with aloe vera, so it can even be used as a hand cream.

    How did it all start? One of the founders started having a problem that many women seem to be having today: vaginal dryness. Sex wasn't that pleasant anymore so she decided to do some research and couldn't find anything that had decent ingredients, so she decided to make her own for her joy and the happiness of her husband!

    Some really neat highlights are:
    - Edible
    - Condom compatible
    - Absorbs into vaginal tissue
    - Can be used during pregnancy
    - pH balanced for a woman's body
    - Helps restore natural vaginal moisture
    - Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial
    - Can be used to moisturize and lubricate your mamasita's dry tissues
    - By being natural it supports your body's natural healing process since it carries vitamins and nutrients to skin

    Even TIME magazine reported in its October, 2009 article "Sex and the Eco-City: Getting It On Is Getting Greener": "At a time when Americans are just getting used to prime-time ads for Trojan and K-Y, eco-consumers are learning that most of the personal lubricants in the U.S. - drugstores sold $82 million worth of them last year - contains chemicals found in oven cleaner and antifreeze." Would you like fries with that? No, ...