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    How dare you call this monster a teacher? This is not even an animal. Animals are more civilized. At least they have always behaved naturally. This monster does not even read at the children’s copy books. Just a glance & then it grabs those helpless kids & beats them heartlessly. I don't wonder any more where tyrants come from. Damn it! What would this wild creature do if it were to become a police officer? I wonder where parents of those kids are!! Working? Cooking? Shopping? The kindergarten headmaster said he did not know the cruel way that wild creature was behaving with kids & I would say the headmaster himself is more criminal. If he were to check on the classes frequently, he would have taken that monster by surprise at least once. If it were to me, they should cut the right arm & left leg of that monster & lock it into jail to rotten. Damn it! I need to forget the terrible memory of those kids helplessly shouting but can't erase it from memory! Wish I did not watch this video
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