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    Water Levels Critical in India's Bada Lake


    by NTDTelevision

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    Rising temperatures and no rain in three years has been drying up Asia's biggest artificial lake. The fate of Bada Lake has the state government and locals worried.

    The temperature here in Bhopal district in India's central state of Madhya Pradesh hovers over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in May.

    The rising mercury and minimal rainfall continue to lower water levels in Bada Lake. And Asia's biggest artificial lake is suffering, as a result.

    Locals once proud of their lake, are now worried about its future.

    [Ram Singh, Local Resident]:
    "The water level in the lake has greatly reduced. People who otherwise crowd the place now hardly come here at all. Tourists don't hire boats anymore. There are also fewer tourists coming here. The lake is in a pitiable condition, with no hope of being reinstated."

    The lake is a major source of drinkable water for residents in the city, serving around 40 percent of the residents with nearly 30 million gallons a day.

    But according to official records, the lake has shrunk by 13 miles.

    [Ashok Pandey, Waterworks Engineer]:
    "The annual rainfall in Bhopal has decreased in the last three years, and the mercury has also shot up drastically. And if the region receives minimal rainfall, obviously the water level in the lake will drop. We have been trying to dig in the lake to increase water levels, but we cannot do that often as digging might affect nearby streams if water from the lake seeps into them, so the lake will eventually dry up."

    An Indian king constructed the lake in the 11th century.