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    Indian Fishermen Rescued After Night at Sea


    by NTDTelevision

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    Six fishermen have been rescued off the coast India's western Gujarat state on Saturday. The men spent the whole night in the sea and had kept afloat with the aid of a rope and pieces of thermocol.

    The Indian Coast Guard has rescued six fishermen stranded in the sea off the coast of Porbandar City in western India.

    The coast guard rescue operation lasted for 36 hours.

    A rescued fisherman says they spent the whole night in the sea with the help of a rope.

    [Arvin Bhaliya, Rescued Fisherman]:
    "Last night around 9 'o' clock all of a sudden water started coming into our boat. We didn't know where it was coming from. ..... The boat completely filled with water and we started sinking. We tied an 80-meter long rope to the boat. All six of us spent the whole night in the sea by holding small pieces of polystyrene and holding the rope. Around seven in the morning an airplane dropped a lifeboat which we all sat in, then at around nine or ten the rescuers arrived."

    The coast guard says that despite so many hurdles and tough weather conditions, they managed to save the fishermen.

    [N. K. Kaul, Commanding Officer]:
    "An airplane took off at first daylight from Daman airport, despite the bad weather conditions, was also between three and four and visibility was low, with effective operation they still managed to get very close to the fishermen who were fighting for their lives holding small pieces of polystyrene, and the crew threw a lifeboat to them. The fishermen were told to float themselves on the lifeboat till further assistance was given."

    Sea farers have been warned not to venture out into the sea.