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    Artificial Beach Underway in Gujarat, India


    by NTDTelevision

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    An artificial beach is under construction in India's Gujarat state. The beach is expected to increase the amount of tourists in the area.

    In a bid to attract tourists, authorities in India's Gujarat state will build an artificial beach on six acres of land near the world-renowned Somnath Temple.

    The beach is being developed in a public-private partnership. The beach campus will house a garden, swimming pool and will have provisions to protect tourists from the high waves.

    [Deep Patel, Mine Engineer]:
    "Our plan is to create a garden and an artificial beach. You can see we have already started construction, and the breakwater will beone kilometer long. The wall behind Somnath temple is a protective wall, which is about 400-500 meters long."

    The Somnath temple attracts hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from all over India and abroad every week.

    The construction of the artificial beach is likely to increase tourist activity in the area after it becomes fully operational this December.