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    Bayer® Advanced Aspirin


    by MultiVu

    Bayer HealthCare’s Consumer Care division announced today the introduction of Bayer® Advanced Aspirin, the next generation of aspirin for pain relief. Using the patent-pending Pro-Release™ Technology, Bayer Advanced Aspirin is clinically proven to relieve tough pain twice as fast as previous Bayer® Aspirin tablets.

    With the introduction of aspirin in 1899, Bayer offered one of the first widely accessible analgesics, or pain relievers, to consumers. Today, Bayer's overall global Aspirin business continues to grow, and had double-digit, year-on-year sales growth in Q1 2011. Yet, while Bayer continues to be a leader in the category, for many U.S. consumers, Bayer Aspirin is primarily synonymous with cardiovascular use. Now, through a combination of technological innovation and rich analgesic heritage, Bayer is introducing a new standard in aspirin for tough pain relief with Bayer Advanced Aspirin.

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