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    Harold and Maude Trailer Parody by selkeskin Diana Wynne Jones Hal Ashby Hayao Miyazaki


    MorinoMashio より

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    This parody is what Mr. selkeskin in the United States made it. I do UP until he revives because his ID was deleted.
    "Harold and mode" of Hal Ashby is my loved movies. The voice of the preview is a wonderful work that does the synchronized to Hayao Miyazaki's "Howl's Moving Castle".
    Mr. selkeskin. Please contact me when reviving.

    The postscript: Please download the person who likes this animation. ID has been deleted from Mr. selkeskin by the declaration of Ghibli. I might also disappear.

    -Harold and Maude-
    Directed by Hal Ashby
    Produced by
    Colin Higgins
    Written by Colin Higgins
    Ruth Gordon
    Bud Cort
    Music by Cat Stevens
    Cinematography John Alonzo
    Editing by
    William A. Sawyer
    Edward Warschilka

    -Howl's Moving Castle-
    Directed by Miyazaki, Hayao
    Produced by Suzuki, Toshio
    Screenplay by Miyazaki, Hayao
    Based on Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
    Baisho, Chieko
    Kimura, Takuya
    Miwa, Akihiro
    Music by Hisaishi, Joe
    Cinematography Okui, Atsushi
    Editing by Seyama, Takeshi