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    "Donation" - Ep. 1 of RANDOM COMEDIES

    Random Comedies

    by Random Comedies

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    DONATION - Give some to get some. Give more and get none.

    It’s date #3, and Summer and Jesse are going home together for the first time. They have to make a quick stop at the 24-hour store to pick up the bare necessities. Problem is, the cashier has other things in mind.

    “DONATION” is Episode #1 of “Random Comedies” a six-episode webseries of unrelated comic shorts. For the serial web surfer craving smart comedies without back-story, the creators of A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE PEOPLE and ROAD TO THE ALTAR bring this hilarious mash-up. New episodes air every Monday, accompanied by juicy extras. This episode stars: Kym Whitley, David A. Arnold, Leyna Juliet Weber, Randall Park, Rick Gifford, and Beth Shea.

    DONATION was written by Annie Lukowski, David A. Arnold, & Leyna Juliet Weber. Each ‘sode stars Weber alongside stars including: Michael Urie, Kym Whitley, David A. Arnold, and Randall Park.

    Annie Lukowski (Director), Manny Reveles (Editor), John Harrison (DP), Keisha Knowles (1st AD), Matt Burgette (Sound), Ched Tolliver (music), Richard Looney (vocals).