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    THE Best 4 Seconds Of Your Life!

    Shadow or STFL

    by Shadow or STFL

    SEIZURE WARNING!!!!!!! Watch in HD.......If that's even available.
    This is something I made cuz I got bored. ;) Plus, this had SA in it & u all know this is a Spirited Away account. :P
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    Clips:Sonic X, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic & The Secret Rings, Pokemon, Pokemon Lucario & the Mystery Of Mew, Kirby Right Back At Ya!/Hoshi No Kaabii, Krby Air Ride & Spirited Away
    Song:Better Than Drugs
    Program Used:Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9.0 HD
    Time Take To Make:30 Minutes
    Couples Used:ChihiroXHaku

    I own nothin' in this video. Sonic, Pokemon, Kirby, Spirited Away & Better Than Drugs are owned by their respectful owners.