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    2011 Lonely Girl Oceanlab vs Hybrid Unfinished Symphony ...

    Travis Roe

    by Travis Roe

    originally designed as a showcase of mixing ability, this track became just TOO good to not release. Enjoy our brand-new Lonely Girl 2011 Trance remix - This brilliant hard, progressive trance track features vocals from OceanLab, production of parts by Above & Beyond, as well as the entire midrange ensemble from Hybrid's Unfinished Symphony. Unfinished Symphony injected a much needed dose of uplifting and sparkling top end, peaks occur in the original Oceanlab positions but are significantly enhanced through a variety of build-up vocal effects applied to Unfinished Symphony. Once again, there has been NO post-production performed on this waveform. There is possibly 1 or 2 spots I'd normally clean up ever so slightly, but in this case I'm leaving them because I like the idea of uploading uncorrected work.
    Uploaded here in 720p it uses 44.1khz stereo PCM encoding so please play in 480p or 720p / HD HQ.
    This is 6 minutes of absolute bliss...