2/3rd Confrontation May 21 Prediction


by בהרבר



I've notice how you talk bout (my than once) about how black women hate black men..but I never heard you talk about how black men feel the same hatred towards black women? I not coming at you with hatred or anything negativity I'm just saying if you going tell it tell it ALL instead of pointing the finger at the other..the problem will never get fixed that way! Peace!
By Aurelia Wren 3 years ago
By RED7FEZ 4 years ago
Shalom.. I use to be very angry at these so-called black sisters until i read Isaiah3 ,1Timothy ,Deut:22Amos7 that I realize why most Isrealite women in AmeriKKKA has this ,vindictive hatred for the Hebrew Isrealite man. The problem is they are in REBELLION against the MOST HIGH and we represent him.When you read these chapters you will find that the "sisters" are in compliance with the very things spoken of .The Adversary uses the woman(Chavvah/Eve) and so it is today. I too experience this spiritual hate. If you are intelligent ,strong they distain you more. AHAYAH USES WHOM HE WILL as in the case of King Cyrus an ENEMY of the Isrealites(Ezr 1:1and Isaiah45:1-8) whom AHAYAH annointed and used to free us from captivity and the Centurian in Matthew 8:14 . IT SPECIFICALLY state some Gentiles (strangers) as the Centurian also WILL inherit the Kingdom. It is not a coincident other EHTNIC women are embracing and converting to HEBREW with Isrealite brothers to rise with him. (MATT.8:11)
By YaaqobUriyah 4 years ago