Let's Keep Going Presents Strong Arm Steady "Arms & Hammers: the Foundation"

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"Arms & Hammers:the Foundation" is a short 15-minute film about everyday life in the city of Los Angeles. It follows three young men who approach survival differently but all-in-all have the same purpose throughout. The characters by no means reflect the individuals in Strong Arm Steady directly, but more so we believe they reflect the individual in us all, which is the basis of SASG music & "Arms & Hammers". I guess you can call it the ghetto’s duality. (February 22th, 2011, Krondon)
Filmed & edited by Calmatic, written & directed by Krondon & Picaso.
Further information @ http://www.calmatic.net/ or http://www.strongarmsteadytv.com/ or http://www.yearoftheblacksmith.com/

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