Don't Dine with Me -- Andrew's Liver and Custard with dragon fruit pie

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Andrew serves the other housemates his unique concoction and some of the cheesiest jokes of all times as part of the Don't Dine with Me task. John James who is usually the most picky eater in the house, demolishes his plate. From day 34.


Thanks for still posting clips for us James, I've missed you over the last few days, hope you're well. x
By LynDee 3 years ago
Aww James - thank you!!XXX I'd forgotten about this - and it's so funny. Josie, a bit of a gannet, fails dismally, and John, who, as you said, was the pickiest eater, eats the lot. So BB should have sent in liver and custard more often, to stop us worrying about whether John would make it to the end of BB without every pair of jeans and shorts he owned being 2 sizes too big and collapsing around his ankles! Er - actually - that might have had its compensations! * better go away now before coming over as a complete randy mare...
By Bran84 3 years ago