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    How To Feed Your Dog A Raw Food Diet


    by VideojugLifestyleandHome


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    Excellent video!

    I can't feed whole animals or such simply because I live in an area where I only get what comes from the slaughterhouse, which is mainly chicken carcass, wings, beef, lamb, sheep and goat. To get it balanced I add whole raw eggs, feed lot's of "offal" like green tribe, sometimes fish offal and the right (small) amounts of liver and other organs. I also add salmon oil, sometimes good plant oil, spelt, honey, berries and fresh veggies and fruit. Veggies blended, fruit in little pieces. I make treats myself from fresh lung that I dry slowly in the oven Both of my dogs do perfectly fine with that and were never sick so far - raw fed one dog 5+ years now the other 1+ year.
    By Dalsky2 years ago