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    Greenpeace Finds Toxic Toys Sold in Hong Kong and China


    by NTDTelevision

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    Greenpeace says dangerous chemicals have been found in toys sold in China and Hong Kong. The toys were made in mainland Chinese factories. The chemicals are used for softening plastic and can affect children's hormonal systems.

    Greenpeace urged authorities in Hong Kong and China on Wednesday to ban dangerous chemicals that were detected in children's toys.

    The toys contain plastic softening chemicals that have been banned in the United States and Europe. In tests carried out by an independent lab, the toys were found to contain phthalates.

    These chemicals can cause hormone malfunction and reproductive problems. Greenpeace campaigner Vivian Yau says those chemicals are especially dangerous to children.

    [Vivian Yau, Greenpeace Campaigner]:
    "Because it's a type of environmental hormone, it directly affects the endocrine and reproductive systems. It also has other toxicities which can damage other organ functions."

    The tests found phthalates in 15 out of 20 toys bought in China, and 6 out of 10 samples bought in Hong Kong. All of the toys were made in China.

    Greenpeace is urging authorities to ban the use of these chemicals in toys. In the mean time, Yau says parents should keep the toys away from their kids.

    [Vivian Yau, Greenpeace Campaigner]:
    "A lot of PVC will have phthalates. Because the government doesn't regulate their use, we don't know whether it's in a particular PVC. So now parents can just try to avoid buying [the toys]."

    Toys made in China have been the center of safety concerns many times. Millions of toys with toxic metals or other harmful chemicals have been recalled overseas in recent years.